Contemporary Landscaping at its roots is the essence of the husband and wife team that started in landscaping eighteen years ago and are still going strong. Even after considerable growth and qualified teams taking care of large aspects of the projects we are still very hands on and are able to give every project our expertise.  After years of experience and passion for landscaping, the partners of Contemporary Landscaping have trialed and incorporated gardening practices that enable the full potential of plants and the full beauty of landscapes to exhibit. Serving the Puget Sound region from our base near Olympia WA our approach is both  aesthetic and innovative. In keeping with sustainable landscaping, we are blessed to have many like minded clients that are interested in making the move to great design and stewardship right in their own backyard.  

By understanding the needs of the soil and of the plants we know how a landscape should be designed both for its visual appeal and for its ongoing viability. Follow up maintenance, or restoration work on existing landscapes, keeps plants and the environment in optimum health. By working with our clients and visualizing a solution for a whole ecosystem our repertoire has grown to include all aspects of landscapes.  

Through ongoing education, Contemporary Landscaping is able to utilize the most up to date sustainable practices to incorporate into our designs and maintenance programs. 

Any design, installation or maintenance performed by Contemporary Landscaping incorporates both aesthetic beauty and proper procedure that are both firmly based in good stewardship and a detailed understanding of soil health and plant nutritional requirements. Attention to water conservation and rain harvesting as well as recycling materials generated on site to reduce or eliminate outside inputs are elements considered by our designers.  

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